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Narrative Eye is an organisation dedicated to promoting equality and social change through education.  We are dedicated to the production and promotion of creative works that document and challenge the inequalities and injustices faced by African and African Caribbean people in the UK.

We promote the rich cultural and historical contribution made by people of African origin in the UK, through publishing literary works and research, producing plays and films. Our work also includes delivering courses, workshops and seminars on topics such as history, literature, and cultural and social issues.

We are committed to creating new and creative ways that enables African and African Caribbean people to participate fully in society and increase their social mobility, prosperity and employability. We are committed to raising the level of cultural awareness amongst Black Britons to enable them to overcome their social exclusion.


We have produced three novels including, Waiting to Explode, The Black Prince, and The Phoenix (which won the 2009 African Achievers award for Communication and Media).  Our writer in residence is the historian and international researcher Onyeka.  He has also produced The Whirlwind and the Storm, a West End theatre production about the life and times of Marcus Garvey. In 2013, Onyeka released his latest work, Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, their Presence, Status and Origins.



We provide tailor-made workshops to the specific needs of beneficiaries. We have presented work to a wide and diverse range of audiences. The majority of our educational work has been with participants from socially deprived communities across the UK with a high proportion of Black residents.

Celebrating DIVERSITY Award Winner

The Celebrating Diversity Award, presented by Councillor Bernice Vanier, went to educational group Narrative Eye, who visit schools to teach pupils about black history.

Tanya Thompson, collecting the award on behalf of the group, said: “It’s surprising to win, we just humbly go about our work and just try to make a difference to children and adults”.

The group’s current work involves teaching children about Afro-Caribbean people’s involvement in World War One, but the next project will be on the contribution of black people to society in the Tudor period.

Outstanding for All Awards for ‘those who have  gone the extra mile’


2-4 weeks

South-East London

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